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How I Found Tea

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Tea used to be the sh*t back in the day. Producers could not make it fast enough to keep up with demand. When the colonists wanted to send a clear message across the pond, they destroyed a precious delivery of tea leaves. Tea literally started a revolution. The tea bag became popular not too long ago and kind of hindered the flavor and strength of the brew. I do not blame you for not being about that tea life. I would like a chance to change your mind, though.

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The history and benefits of tea are far more than most people realize and understand. As the world becomes more accustomed to instant gratification (two-day shipping, fast food, television streaming, and let's not forget the air fryer), we forget the importance of those time intensive activities that bring us incomparable benefits for a healthy and wealthy life.

An Impulse Buy Happy Accident

Tea came into my life when I spontaneously ordered a sampler pack one day. After it arrived, my 10am union mandated "coffee" breaks changed into "tea" breaks. As time went on, I learned how to brew loose leaf tea and I have made it a part of my life. It wasn't until I found myself sitting on the couch yet another week in a row for quarantine when my partner kind of nudged that I needed something to do.

There are Jobs in Tea...?

That was my search. I was amazed, and delighted, to find the numerous careers available in the tea industry. Not only that, there were multiple "Tea Academies" that were doing their classes online due to the pandemic. I signed up for an Introductory Class and got a part time job at a tea shop after that. I am now preparing to start my life back up again, and with me, I have brought an better understanding of the practice of tea.

Drink Tea. Stay Salty.

As a merchant mariner, I am used to working long days on long contracts. 8 - 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. That can be the norm, sometimes. Not all the time, but often enough. That lifestyle of being on your feet and working every day is something that I have learned to recognize in people. Whether I am out getting some dinner or working with an associate at a store, I have seen that same look that I have felt. But you and I, and you know who you are, still show up. We wake up every day, put on our boots and go into work. We enjoy our jobs. We enjoy being the difference between yesterday and today. We enjoy providing a service to a person or a community. We complain and we roll our eyes, sometimes. We are tired often. But we enjoy working, on good days and bad.

Making Tea a Part of Your Day

Knowing what I know now, there is no ignoring it. Just like that huge bottle that makes it easier to drink water during the day or that one app that saves you more money than others. The benefits of tea cannot be unseen. What I know now makes me want to drink tea for both my health and the taste. If you don't believe me, try for yourself. Or write me to start a conversation. I will do my best to work with you and help you incorporate tea into your life.

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