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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

A smooth tea on the other hand...

Tea Works as Hard as You Do

Salt Tea is a company that was founded by several hard-working individuals with a passion for tea.

Those things are easy to say – Hard-working. Passion. But for those of you who know what it means to work hard, to know passion, to earn your salt – you know better.

You make sacrifices. And it often feels like you are sacrificing more than those around you. You leave work exhausted. You wish you had picked an easier major. Projects are never ending. Your eyeballs burn from studying. It is painful not knowing whether the sweat, blood, tears, and hours you are investing in yourself are going to pay off.

But then you flip that switch.

And it does.

Those hours you put into yourself and your future finally cash in

and it’s time to reap what you’ve been sowing for so long.


Your hard work and sacrifice reveal itself in that house you wanted to buy. That job you wanted to have. That self-confidence and self-worth you desired so much. And you have it. All of the work you put into yourself, into your craft, into your future – it was worth it.

You have earned your salt.

Salt Tea is a company started by people like you. People who work hard and make sacrifices. People who know what it means to earn their place at the table. And especially people who know how to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Salt Tea got its name from the relationship between hard work and well-earned benefits.

We are people like you who also have a passion for tea. We started drinking it at our union mandated coffee breaks for fun and we stayed for the practice. Our stress levels are lower. Our sleep is better. Our mornings are brighter. Our energy is clearer. We know first hand the difference tea has made in the life of people with boots on the ground. And we want to share it with you.

This is not just any other tea shop. We are not going to confuse you with tea jargon or bore you to death with the loads of benefits in tea. You already know tea is good for you. And if you wanted to know more, you know how to use the internet and we have links to studies on our website.


You just want to drink some good tea without trying to decipher what the hell is a sencha or Assam. Our goal is to introduce tea to you in a way that makes some damn sense. We want to provide you with another option for that morning or afternoon sip you need to carry on with your day. We want you to enjoy this life you have worked so hard for that much more.

You work to be better every day. We here at Salt Tea want to be a part of your journey. Come to know what we know so you can go out there and earn some more of that salt.


Drink tea. Stay salty.

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