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Party Packs

Celebrate the launch of Salt Tea  & enjoy BOGO half off tea packages.

Get the damn party started with some good people and some good ass tea. Our tea packages are designed to meet popularly specific needs. Weight loss, stress relief, a boat load of caffeine. Whatever it is, you can find it.

Cheers, assholes!

Yellow Tea

What's the Tea?

Why is it so difficult to enjoy a cup of tea, dammit? Seriously. There are so many teas, all with different flavors, different caffeine levels, and different brewing instructions.

If you really wanted to know fancy names and history, you know how to use Google. And we have articles, as well.


But most of you just want the good stuff. And we're here to give it to you. Browse around and find yourself something nice.

Tea Set

That's My Cup of You Know What

Want something specific and not sure what that is? Find teas that suit your needs with our recommendation quiz. Answer a few questions and get matched with the best leaves for your needs. Don't worry - this is a test you can't fail. Cheers!

when you're the first one on deck, you better have a pot of this brewing
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